National Airports and Planning

Airports have been a contentious issue for land use planners in Australia for sometime. The privatisation of national airports since the 1990’s has created a range of land use planning issues, mainly associated with the development of airports outside local and state government planning controls. Another ongoing issue is the pressure to develop land within aircraft noise corridors.

Recently, the Australian Government issued the Draft National Airports Safeguarding Framework  for comment. The draft Framework seeks to improve community amenity by minimising aircraft noise-sensitive developments near airports as well as improving safety outcomes by ensuring aviation requirements are recognised in land use planning decisions.

Urban Taskforce Australia, a non-profit organisation representing Australian property developers, has already spoken out against the proposed noise contours. In particular stating that it could jeopardise development at Tralee, NSW, south of Canberra airport, and other surrounding areas, potentially impacting on the development of up to 39,600 dwellings around Canberra and on the development of 134,300 new dwellings Australia-wide.

Comments on the draft Framework are open until Thursday 15 March 2012.